Monday, September 28, 2020

Realme 5 pro software update release RMX1971EX_11.C.07 UPDATE Realme Updates

 Realme 5 pro software update release 

RMX1971EX_11.C.07 file download now

28 September update  RMX1971EX_11.C.07 UPDATE  Realme Updates  all about of update download improved software

Realme software update release download now added new features optimisation idt new camera mod


This release included Android security patch, added Super nighttime standby, Deep Cleanup, and etc., and fixed some known issues

RMX1971EX_11.C.07 update some bugs

Legs crashing application not open camera bag some all bug fix now update new version


Update Log


● Android Security Patch: September, 2020

realme Lab

● Added Super nighttime standby feature and improved standby performance


● Added default audio recording device options

● Added Deep Cleanup feature and improved background cleaning ability

● Added a return button in screenshot preview

● Added long press to copy IMEI in the status information interface

● Added automatic download option for app updates when connected to Wi-Fi

● Added time display options for the status bar 

● Added shortcuts at the bottom of security settings

● Added shortcuts at the bottom of other settings

● Optimized the experience in Wi-Fi settings

Status bar

● Added the OTG switch

● Optimized the pop-up window for system updates notification

● Optimized "Mute-Bell-Vibrate" icon state 


● Added auto scrolling feature in scrolling screenshot 

● Fixed the probabilistic issue in scrolling screenshot


● Added the feature of long press the icon to uninstall the app in the drawer mode

● Fixed the font size issue of charging animation

● Fixed the probabilistic stalling issue while using front camera in SLO-MO mode

● Fixed the issue that the fingerprint names are set to default when restarting the system in Multi-User mode

● Fixed the crashing issue of the search field in app list

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